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Where does our salt come from?

25th May 2017

Mines, English mines. We have worked hard throughout our 157 years to source and use only quality salt from trusted UK providers. By investing in premium UK salt, certified to BS3247 standards, we can safeguard the promises we make to customers of never running out of salt, even during times of widely-acknowledged national shortages. 

As a regular purchaser of British mined salt, we get the opportunity to take trips underground to see exactly where the salt we use on your sites comes from. We usually take a mix of our staff and clients down a very functional, industrial style lift in Cheshire to see how the salt gets from rock face to their site- and there is always sheer amazement about what goes on down there. 

The mines go on for miles and miles underground- some of them are even as wide as motorways! What’s more fascinating is the physical timeline of the machinery used throughout the history of the mine. As the machinery reaches its lifespan it gets decommissioned and then left in a tidy corner of one of the finished roadways. This is all down to salt- due to prolonged exposure to the corrosive properties of salt the machinery cannot be taken back up the shaft. The extra moisture in the air above ground reacts with the salt and causes extreme corrosion, which practically turns the machinery to dust! 

Did we mention that we never run out of salt? As a result of our strong supplier relationships and our ability to haul our own salt between our 65+ depots we will always have spare capacity. We utilize our JW Crowther 8 wheel tippers to move our certified BS3247 salt from mine, to stockyards, to depots. After the bad winter of 2009/10 we still had nearly 20,000 tonnes of rock salt left in our warehouses when the majority of our competitors were scraping the barrels. 

The UK has experienced an influx of salt supplied from overseas in recent years, to circumvent the shortage risks that some companies have previously encountered. But at what cost? The quality can be variable and the carbon footprint generated by the very large container ships is detrimental to the environment. We continue to use high quality British Standard BS3247 salt as this lessens the environmental impact of our winter maintenance activities and gives us utmost quality control. This is crucial to us fulfilling our commitment to keep businesses operating as normal, whatever the weather. 

That’s why we keep using the same reliable UK-based partners we’ve always worked with.

They’ve never let us down, and we’ve never run out of salt. That’s how we want to keep it.

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